About The Artist


  • Fine Arts School, Odessa, Ukraine 1987
  • B. A., Grekov Fine Arts Institute, Odessa, Ukraine 1992.
  • private lessons 1987-88
  • numerous workshops with well-known artists at the Odessa and Jerusalem Art Studios.

My goal as an artist -  is to capture the beauty of God's creations, as my strongest and deepest inspiration I always get from Him.

Take delight in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalms 37:4

Freelance Art Teacher & painter     Annika is a professional Fine Arts painter, living in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.
She enjoys working in oil, watercolor and mixed media.
For more then 20 years Annika was thoroughly learning different techniques of classical schools such as: Flemish, Italian Renaissance as well as contemporary arts.  

Grew up in Odessa, Southern Ukraine, walking distance from the Black Sea shore, where her love of the landscape paintings developed.
As early as she can remember, Annika spent weekends and summer vocations in the Sea shore, with her family, taking her portable easel, watercolors or oils and brushes...
Her travels in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Holland have inspired a series of bright, cheerful views of Mediterranean, marine landscapes and charm of old Europe.

...I have painted all over the Europe. Each trip provided new subjects and each day brought another source of light and energy for painting out of doors. Larger paintings are often created in the studio based on my outdoor sketches.

...As a "plein air" painter, I enjoy the peacefulness of nature and the challenge of capturing it's beauty. Painting landscapes "en plein air" or subjects from life are always requires careful observance of light and shadow as it plays out rapidly before you. 
I enjoy trying different styles of painting from realism to pointillism and expressionism

...My artworks - whether done from life or in the studio - are not exact representations of world around me, but rather impressions of my inspirational vision.

Hundreds of Annika's artworks are displayed in numerous private collections (USA, Canada, Japan, UK, South Africa, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Norway,  Hong Kong etc.) and government organizations
She works primarily in oil or watercolor, using a palette knife and brush to create a unique combination of realism with moderate impressionism